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Saint Louis University

Rev. Fr. Jessie M. Hechanova, CICM – President
A. Bonifacio Street, Baguio City, Benguet
Phone No.
(074) 442-2793/2193
Fax No.
(074) 442-2842
Doctor of Education
PhD in Education
PhD in Educational Management
PhD in Language Education
PhD in Management
MA in Economics
MA in Education
MA in Educational Management
MA in Environmental and Habitat Planning
MA in Library Science
MA in Literature
MA in Philosophy
MA in Religious Studies
MA in Special Education
Master in Biological Sciences
Master in Environmental Sciences
Master in Library and Information Technology
Master of Engineering
MS in Accountancy
MS in Biology
MS in Business Administration
MS in Civil Engineering
MS in Environmental and Conservation Biology
MS in Environmental Engineering
MS in Guidance and Counseling
MS in Information Technology
MS in Management Engineering
MS in Medical Technology
MS in Mountain Engineering
MS in Nursing
MS in Pharmacy
MS in Physical Education and Sports
MS in Psychology
MS in Public Management
AB in Communication
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Secondary Education
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Bachelor of Philosophy
Bachelor of Philosophy and Legal Studies
Bachelor of Secondary Education
BS in Accountancy
BS in Architecture
BS in Biology
BS in Business Administration
BS in Chemical Engineering
BS in Civil Engineering
BS in Commerce
BS in Computer Science
BS in Electrical Engineering
BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering
BS in Entrepreneurship
BS in Geodetic Engineering
BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management
BS in Industrial Engineering
BS in Information Management
BS in Information Technology
BS in Management Accounting
BS in Mathematics
BS in Mechanical Engineering
BS in Mechatronics Engineering
BS in Medical Technology
BS in Nursing
BS in Pharmacy
BS in Psychology
BS in Radiologic Technology
BS in Social Work
BS in Statistics
Doctor of Medicine
Associate in Accounting Technology
Associate in Health Science Education
Associate in Religious Education
Special Program in English Language and Literature