Davao del Norte State College

Dr. Edgardo M. Santos – President
New Visayas, Panabo City, Davao del Norte
Phone No.
(084) 628-4301
Fax No.
(084) 628-4301
Davao Del Norte
PhD in Educational Management
PhD in Higher Education
MA Educational Management
Master in Fisheries Management
Master in Fisheries Technology
Master in Marine Management
Master in Science Teaching
Master of Technology Education
MS in Marine Biodiversity
Bachelor of Secondary Education
BS in Aquatic Resource Engineering
BS in Fisheries
BS in Food Technology
BS in Information Technology
BS in Marine Biology
Associate in Fish Farm/Hatchery Caretaker
Associate in Fish Preservationist
Associate in Information Technology
Associate in Marine Engine/Machineries Operator
Computer Secretarial & Office Management
Diploma in Fisheries Technology
Diploma in Information Technology
Ladderized BS in Fisheries
Ladderized BS in Information Technology
Certificate in Fish Farm/Hatchery Aid
Certificate in Fish Processing Aide/Assistant
Certificate in Net Mender/Fishing Boat Aide
Certificate in Software User and Encoder
SECONDARY (1st to 4th yr)

Website: http://www.dnsc.edu.ph/