Lotto Results 6/42

Latest 6/42 lotto results by Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) and the lotto draw is every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9PM.

Draw Date: 01-28-2023

  • 14-01-26-37-20-23
  • Php 20,815,329.80
  • Winner: 0

Draw Date: 01-26-2023

  • 05-12-18-24-04-17
  • Php 16,101,832.80
  • Winner: 0

Draw Date: 01-24-2023

  • 14-40-30-35-42-03
  • Php 11,660,311.60
  • Winner: 0

Draw Date: 01-21-2023

  • 15-19-25-09-32-11
  • Php 7,947,435.00
  • Winner: 0

Draw Date: 01-19-2023

  • 23-05-29-01-31-11
  • Php 5,940,000.00
  • Winner: 0

Draw Date: 01-17-2023

  • 34-24-02-06-33-07
  • Php 35,314,806.60
  • Winner: 1

Draw Date: 01-14-2023

  • 41-12-31-37-34-05
  • Php 30,382,081.40
  • Winner: 0

Draw Date: 01-12-2023

  • 07-42-20-05-33-31
  • Php 24,919,457.00
  • Winner: 0

Draw Date: 01-10-2023

  • 16-08-01-29-04-26
  • Php 20,045,611.60
  • Winner: 0

Prizes payout in case you got 5 Winning Numbers – Up to Php 25,000.00; 4 Winning Numbers – Up to Php 1,000.00; 3 winning numbers – Php 20.00.

Prizes amounting to Php5,000.00 and below can be claimed at any authorized Lotto outlet or at the PCSO Provincial District Offices in your area.

Prizes worth more than Php5,000.00 to Php20,000.00 can be claimed at any of the PCSO Provincial District Offices. Jackpot prize should validated and claimed at the PCSO Main Office 2nd Floor Conservatory Building, 605 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.


This blog site collects the results of the latest Lotto Games. We post the game results for the benefit of players who were not able to watch the live draw. We took care to validate our data with the PCSO Official results but no warranty is given as to the accuracy of any of the presented information. Kindly double-check with the official website of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) regarding the winning numbers.


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