Philippine Normal University

Atty. Lutgardo B. Barbo – President
Taft Avenue, Manila
Phone No.
(02) 527-03-64; 527-03-74
Fax No.
(02) 527-03-67
Ed.D Educational Administration
PhD in Curriculum and Instruction
PhD in Educational Management
PhD in Filipino
PhD in Guidance and Counseling
PhD in Linguistics
PhD in Literature
PhD Mathematics Education
PhD Science Education
MA Ed (Home Economics)
MA Ed (Science Education)
MA Ed College Teaching
MA Ed Drama Ed and Theater Arts
MA Ed Early Childhood Education
MA Ed Health Education
MA Ed History Teaching
MA Ed in Educational Administration
MA Ed Math
MA Ed School Psychology
MA Ed Social Science Teaching
MA-Ed (Child Study)
MA-Ed (Elementary Education)
MA-Ed (English Language Teaching)
MA-Ed (Library Science)
MA-Ed (Pagtuturo ng Filipino)
MA-Ed (Special Education)
MA-Ed Bilingual Education
MA-Ed Ed Tech
MA-Ed Guidance and Counseling
MA-Ed Linguistics
MA-Ed Management
MA-Ed Music
MA-Ed Physical Education
MA-Ed Values Education
MA-Evaluation and Measurement
MA-NonFormal Ed
MASEd (Biology)
MASEd (Chemistry)
MASEd (General Science)
MASEd (Physics)
MAT (English Language Arts)
MAT (Mathematics)
MAT Literature
Certificate in Teaching Program (CTP)
Certificate Program in Mathematics
Graduate Diploma in Educational Measurement and Evaluation
Graduate Diploma-Educational Management
Graduate Diploma-Elementary Education
Graduate Diploma-English Language Teaching
Graduate Diploma-Guidance and Counseling
Graduate Diploma-History Teaching
Graduate Diploma-Home Economics
Graduate Diploma-Library Science Education
Graduate Diploma-Linguistics
Graduate Diploma-Literature
Graduate Diploma-Mathematics Education
Graduate Diploma-Pagtuturo ng Filipino
Graduate Diploma-Physical Education
Graduate Diploma-Reading
Graduate Diploma-School Psychology
Graduate Diploma-Science Education
Graduate Diploma-Social Science Teaching
Graduate Diploma-Special Education
Specialization-Campus Writing
Specialization-Library Science
Specialization-Music Education
Specialization-Physical Education and Sports
Specialization-Pre-School Education
Specialization-Values Education
Specialization-Women’s Studies
Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Secondary Education Literature/Linguistics
Bachelor of Early Childhood Education
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Bachelor of Science- Biology for Teachers
Bachelor of Science- Chemistry for Teachers
Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Bachelor of Science- Mathematics for Teachers
Bachelor of Science- Physics for Teachers
Bachelor of Science-Home Economics and Technology
Bachelor of Science-Information and Technology
Bachelor of Science-Nutrition and Dietetics
Bachelor of Science-Nutrition and Dietetics for Teachers
Bachelor of Science-Psychology
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Biology
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Chemistry
Bachelor of Secondary Education-English
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Filipino
Bachelor of Secondary Education-General Science
Bachelor of Secondary Education-History
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Home Economics
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Mathematics
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Music
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Physical Education
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Physics
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Physics and Technology
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Social Science
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Speech and Theater Arts
Bachelor of Secondary Education-Values Education
General Course