Lyceum of Aparri

Rev. Fr. Joel M. Reyes – Executive Vice-President
Macanaya District, Aparri, Cagayan
[email protected]
Phone No.
(078) 888-2075
Fax No.
(078) 888-2736
Doctor of Philosophy in Education G.R. No. 072 s. 1996 – CRO
MA in Education G.R. No. 20 s. 1976 – DCO
Master in Business Administration G.R. No. 007 s. 1988 – DCO
Bachelor in Elementary Education G.R. No. 27 s. 1972 – DCO
Bachelor in Secondary Education G.R. No. 28 s. 1972 – DCO
Bachelor of Arts G.R. No. 29 s. 1972 – DCO
BS in Accountancy G.R. No. 012 s. 1992 – DRO
BS in Business Administration G.R. No. 19 s. 1976 – DCO
BS in Civil Engineering G.R. No. 136 s. 1985 – DCO
BS in Computer Engineering G.R. No. 057 s. 2005 – CRO
BS in Computer Science G.R. No. 015 s. 2001 – CCO
BS in Criminology G.R. No. 051 s. 2006 – CRO
BS in Geodetic Engineering G.R. No. 058 s. 2005 – CRO
BS in Hotel & Restaurant Mngt. G.R. No. 051 s. 2003 – CRO
BS in Nursing G.R. No. 008 s. 1995 – DRO
Associate in Computer Science G.R. No. 007 s. 1997 – CRO
Computer Secretarial Course G.R. No. 003 s. 1997 – CRO
General Midwifery Course G.R. No. 065 s. 1982 – DCO
Caregiver Course



Human Resources Management Common Function

The common functions of Human Resources include hiring, training, compensation and benefits, performance management, employee relations, and compliance with employment and labor laws.

Biometric Time Attendance that Integrate Seamlessly in Existing System

Biometric Time Attendance is a system that is used to measure and record the attendance of employees in an organization. It typically uses biometric data such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and retinal scans to identify and authenticate employees.

Daily Filing of Overtime to Integrate in Timekeeping Process

Overtime data entry is a process used to ensure accurate and consistent tracking of overtime worked by employees. This data is used to calculate the hours worked by employees in a given period, as well as to calculate the overtime pay they are owed.

Why Paperless HRIS is Preferred in changing the HR Processes

Investing in a comprehensive HR software system can help your HR department automate and streamline many of its processes. This system can include features such as applicant tracking, performance management, time and attendance tracking, and payroll processing.

Automate Employees Loan Deduction in Every Payroll Process

Automate the loan deduction process by setting up a payroll deduction for each employee loan. This can be done by creating a payroll deduction category specifically for the loan and linking it to the employee's loan.

Benefits of Automated Timekeeping and Attendance Solution

Automated timekeeping and attendance solutions make it easier for employees to track their time and attendance. This can lead to increased productivity, as employees are better able to focus on their work rather than worrying about the accuracy of their time tracking.

Steps How to Manage an HRIS Software Implementation

Define the Goals and Objectives of the HRIS Software Implementation: Identify the purpose of the new system and how it will benefit the organization.

Online Timekeeping Management and Payroll System

Designed to track an employee’s time worked and generate an accurate payroll, system allows employees to clock in and out, track hours worked, view their timecards, and view their pay stubs.

Benefits of Paperless Timekeeping vs. Manual Processing

Paperless timekeeping processes can save businesses time and money by reducing the time spent handling paperwork and manual data entry.

SSS Contribution Table for 2023 (Employee and Employer)

The new SSS contribution table effective January 2023 which applies to employers and employees monthly contribution.